Courses and training

The Centre offers professional courses for practising engineers as well as industry-relevant trade, undergraduate, and postgraduate industrial information and control education syllabi.

Study options

The University of Auckland offers opportunities to study and advance your expertise in the area of process control.


Undergraduate study

CHEMMAT 317 - New Developments in Process Engineering
CHEMMAT 752 - Process Dynamics and Control
CHEMMAT 751A & 751B - Research Project
CHEMMAT 756 - Food Process Engineering


Postgraduate study

Doctor of Philosophy
A programme of extensive advanced study and independent research. To discuss topics for a research project and supervision, please contact Professor Brent Young.

Master of Engineering
A research based degree involving a thesis. To discuss topics for a research project and supervision, please contact Professor Brent Young.

Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt)
A taught masters degree with a specialisation in Chemical and Materials Engineering. The specialisation can be used by those who want to design, build, operate and manage chemical and food process plants and businesses.

Food Process Engineering
A research or taught based specialist option in the Master of Engineering Studies programme.



Food Process Engineering

Food Process Engineering is the study of food preservation technologies and how they affect food safety and food stability. Emerging food preservation ‘cold’ technologies such as High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) can be used to extend food shelf life. Food Process Engineers take knowledge learned in the laboratory and up-scale it for industrial applications. They develop, control and optimise processes, and design food packaging systems to meet the individual requirements of each food. Distribution and storage of foods, including the use of refrigeration or freezing systems, are challenges addressed by Food Process Engineers.

Research can be undertaken in the Faculty of Engineering and also jointly with Science.

Master of Engineering Studies in Food Process Engineering

Studying Food and Nutrition at The University of Auckland
Information on following the Food Process Engineering study pathway. (137.2 kB, PDF)

Industry training

Gas processing, simulation and control

This short course reviews the physical, chemical and engineering principles used to understand the processing of natural gas and its by-products. It will provide a general overview of gas processing and emphasises the design and operation of gas plants and related facilities.

Previous participants
Independent Technologies, Transfield Worley NZ, Shell NZ and IMC.

Professor Brent Young (The University of Auckland)
Professor William Y. Svrcek (University of Calgary, Canada)

Modelling and control

This course provides data analysis, modelling, control and optimisation skills.

Previous participants
NIWA, Reserve Bank, Transpower, Westpower, energy companies, engineering companies and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Professor Brent Young (The University of Auckland)
Associate Professor David Wilson (Auckland University of Technology)